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leo-marketing-icon-400Leo Marketing is a full service Marketing & Advertising Agency that provides businesses of all sizes with Complete Marketing Solutions in Traditional, Digital and Social Media Channels.

The services delivered by Leo Marketing have allowed our clients to generate results, save time and focus on the more important aspects of running their business in today’s connected, online and 24/7 business environment.

We have a fully staffed graphic design, video production and social media departments in a facility owned by the company.  Our project managers and executive team ensure that our clients are provided with Marketing Strategies that are custom tailored to fit their business needs, goals, and most importantly their budgets.

Leo Marketing has quietly grown to become one of the largest in-house Social Media Marketing & Management companies in the southwest, as well as one of the most successful advertising agencies in El Paso.

Leo Marketing has worked with corporations such as AT&T and Taco Bell.

Leo Marketing was founded by owner Gilbert Jorgenson and named after Leo Cancellare, the former principal of Cathedral High School.

Leo Cancellare was known as a highly motivational mentor for hundreds of El Paso students and teachers. Leo lost his battle with cancer in April of 1999.

Watch the Video Documentary below on how Leo Cancellare inspired the lives he came across.

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